Friday 7 February 2020

MUST SEE: Watch Aussie News RIP Pelosi and US Democrats for Their Vile and Childish Behavior (VIDEO)


Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi and her Friday Morning Show hosts on SKY News in Australia completely tore apart Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat Party colleagues as well as the mainstream fake news industry for their repugnant and childish behavior at the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.
The first woman off camera slams Nancy Pelosi: She’s just vile… She’s so repulsive. And I just say good on him, he’s going to rub it in. And I saw his Twitter where he said he is going to be president for what, the next 20 or 30 years?
Rita Pahani: Oh, don’t even mention that. That has absolutely sent the crazies. Obviously, it’s a meme its a joke, it’s funny. Anyone with any sort of intelligence can see that but I’ve been seeing tweets from formerly serious people… who think they’re now living in a dictatorship because he sent this meme out… On Nancy Pelosi, some of the things she’s said after the State of the Union Address, I could not believe it! She said he’s sedated. His speech was beneath the dignity of the office. They loathe Trump with every measure of their being. I would think most people would think that speech was pretty measured and sensible.
Male Guest: Which they do. They do loathe him with every measure of their being. But those pictures. A picture tells a thousand words. Ripping up his speech? Very childish.
This was excellent!
It must be nice to have a real media in Australia instead of the constant fake news crap we get here in America.

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