Monday 10 February 2020

Liberal Media Sounds the Alarm Over Empty Seats at NH Democrat Fundraiser: “This Does Not Look Like an Energized Party” (VIDEO)

Not one Democrat candidate in the primary field can beat President Trump in 2020 and the liberal media admitted that on Sunday.
Liberal ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl told Clinton-ite and Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that the Democrat party does not look energized.
The Democrats held a fundraiser in New Hampshire Saturday night and there were empty seats in the arena.
This is the same arena in Manchester that President Trump packed to the brim with cheering supporters and many more in the overflow outside!
The Democrat party is also fractured because of the infighting between Bernie Sanders supporters who can’t stand Pete Buttigieg.
Biden has also been taking shots at Buttigieg and “Socialist” Bernie Sanders.
Sanders supporters taunted “Mayor Cheat” Buttigieg on Saturday night at a Dem fundraiser at Manchester’s Southern New Hampshire University Arena with boos and chants of “Wall Street Pete!”

But the schism in the Democrat party is just the tip of the iceberg.
The Democrat Iowa caucuses had a very low voter turnout and there just isn’t a lot of enthusiasm for any of the candidates.
Apparently calling Americans racist, promising to abolish borders, bragging about raising taxes and calling female voters “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” doesn’t work.

“There were empty seats there…this does not look like an energized party,” Jon Karl said.

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