Friday 14 February 2020

Joy Villa: I Believed Lies Regurgitated By Hollywood Until I Actually Listened To Trump Talk About Illegal Immigration

Celebrities showed up to the Oscars this week, wearing $100,000 plus gowns, $5,000 plus shoes and $50,000 plus jewelry. Despite being worth millions, they, again, used their platform to lecture America on income inequality and claim they’re oppressed.
Brad Pitt was angry about impeachment. Joaquin Phoenix was outraged about what mankind is doing to cows. Natalie Portman was upset that there weren’t any women directors nominated.
The next day Hollywood actor-director Rob Reiner warned, “We have a Criminal living in our White House. Full stop” and Alec Baldwin compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany, claiming, “The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII.”
These socialist Hollywood oligarchs continuously use their celebrity to flex moral superiority, but in reality, they’re deliberately trading in their values for fame, singer Joy Villa told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.
“If you say, ‘they’ve sold themselves to the devil,’ people call you a ‘conspiracy theorists.’ But the truth is it doesn’t have to be that dramatic. These people sold themselves by committing atrocities every day,” she said. “They say ‘I’m pregnant, but my producer says I can’t have a baby and have a career,’ so they kill the child. ‘You want me to marry that person? Sure.’ ‘You want me to have sex with that person so I can get the role, sure.’ That’s selling yourself to the devil –You are doing the devil’s work.”
This same crowd of Trump haters not long ago bowed to and revered accused rapist Harvey Weinstein and admitted child rapist Roman Polanski, and believe middle schoolers are better off knowing more about condoms than the U.S. Constitution, noted Villa, who first captured the nation’s attention in 2017 when she showed at the Grammys red carpet in a gown that said, “Make America Great Again.”
“You don’t even have to do an actual Illuminati initiation because these people, at the lowest levels, have no morals and no values,” she said. “Whether there is some closed of society going on there – I don’t know about that – but it’s very obvious that people are committing atrocities. There’s child sex-trafficking going on. There’s pedophilia going on. Drug abuse going on. There are criminal activities being allowed to go on and people are looking the other way, they have been for years.”

The self-destructive effects of the left’s monopoly on culture are apparent, Villa argued.
“Liberals have notoriously used Hollywood as part of their plan from the get-go because its what shakes the youth and we see the unfortunate aspects of this. Things like telling women ‘it’s okay to murder their children,’ ‘morals are old fashioned,’ ‘show your body off,’ ‘have sex with whoever you want, you only live once’ and then we see what happens, for men as well,” she said. “All this has been shoved down our throats and we have a generation of people who are more depressed than ever, who are on antidepressants and anti-psychotic medication which are dangerous and harmful. People are committing more suicides. They’re getting married less. They’re unhappy.  They’re waiting to have kids to get married, to realize they’re unhappy that they did that.
“We are now disrespecting parents who stay home with kids. We are disrespecting people who use their voice for free speech. We are disrespecting values and morals. I’m a wild one. But we need to respect one another. I support people who are not trying to shut me down for my outspoken beliefs. That’s what we need in Hollywood.”

Prior to President Trump’s 2016 victory, the 33-year old singer and actress identified as a liberal. But when she actually listened to what President Trump had to say, rather than believing the news media’s biased interpretation of his message, she realized she had believed lies.
“I voted for Obama, I was definitely for the left and I thought that was the way you should be. And when Trump came in, I saw through all the nonsense and realized I’m more conservative,” she said. “He reminded me of how I was raised and what my dad used to say. In the beginning, I thought he was a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, a misogynist, only because I didn’t know what he was actually saying. I read the news headlines CNN regurgitated, instead of the truth coming straight from the source.”
It became clear Democrats, Hollywood and the liberal media were on the wrong side of the issue in their vehement opposition to the president’s “common sense” warnings about the perils of illegal immigration, Villa explained.
“When I started listening to him when he started talking about immigration and saying we need a wall – are you kidding me? This is common sense. We need a wall to protect those citizens that we have here and to protect people, immigrants,” she said. “When he’s talking about illegal immigration, he’s saying nothing bad about immigrants.
“People say ‘I’m an immigrant, he’s hating on immigrants.’ No there’s a very clear difference between a criminal, someone who comes into the country illegally – we are talking about people who are jumping over the border, coming to this country by the millions, people who are coming here and human trafficking, that’s happening by the millions, coming over, disregarding our laws.”
While Democrats and the liberal media are using scare tactics to convince Latinos, people of color and those from other countries that Trump is evil and hates them, Villa argued.
“You can’t start a relationship with our nation disregarding the first basic rule: You should knock on the door and ask you can come in,” she said. “You don’t become my roommate by breaking into my house. And that’s what liberals are saying, ‘let’s let them room and board with us, but let’s let them break through windows, sneak in the back door.’ No. If you want to come in my house, knock on the door, let me see if I want to allow you in because I have the right to protect my home, my valuables, what I worked for, my kids, my animals, my family, my house and my nation.
“America is our home, we have to protect it. We need to have state measures in place. That’s why we need to build the wall. And so we can protect those who come in legally. Come in through the front door, not the side window.”
Earlier this month, the singer made her pro-Trump stance loud and clear at the 62nd Grammy Awards. Villa donned a latex gown with “Trump 2020” running down the front in white crystal lettering and “impeached and re-elected” on the back.
“It’s my voice and fashion is expression. I love using my voice as an artist. I love wearing my heart on my sleeve, literally. Fashion has always been revolutionary throughout history,” she said. “We’ve had the burning of the bras. We’ve had corset and military jackets. I just have been the first in history to wear politically outspoken items on the red carpet consistently in this day and age. I’m doing it in a positive way and I am doing it for our president and I’m doing it for the people and the country.”
The L.A.-based musician urged conservatives in the entertainment industry “to stand up.”
“I can’t be the only one. There’s very few of us out there that are standing up and it shouldn’t be that way. The system is telling us we can’t be conservative as an artist, as a musician, as an actress.  Madonna stood up and said  ‘I want to blow up the White House.’ Johnny Depp audaciously said, ‘it’s been a long time since we’ve assassinated a president and maybe it’s time.’ I am conservative, let me also put my two cents in.
She added: “Instead of saying, ‘let’s kill Hillary’ – I wouldn’t say that even though she’s evil – boom: pro-life and pro-women. Boom: Trump 2020, impeached and reelected. He’ll go down in history as the only president to be unfairly, illegally impeached and then reelected.”

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