Sunday 2 February 2020

Hunter, Sam and the Sheikh: Hunter Biden’s Alleged Connection to Middle East Shakedown Artists

Hunter Biden’s corruption may not have ended in Ukraine. The hard partying politician’s son also met with a corrupt sheikh, who has illegally given massive contributions to Democrats, about working on a project to unfreeze Libyan assets in 2015.

As the farce they call impeachment is winding down in the Senate, it has become obvious that no new witnesses will be called, and almost as likely that, if they are, Hunter Biden will not be among them. a
It also now appears that the wayward Biden son has gotten away with not providing his financial records in his child support case in Arkansas.
Earlier this month Biden missed the court-imposed deadline to turn in five years’ worth of financial information. The records, which were demanded by Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer, were in response to his failure to pay child support going back to 2018, and his claims that he was broke.
Judge Meyer had called for Biden to be held in contempt and he was ordered to appear in court on January 29th to face the Judge.
But as he usually does, Biden got out of it.
According to reports, Biden has now agreed to pay monthly child support to the mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts. He has also agreed to pay all the child support payments he missed, dating back to at least November 2018.
None of this is good news to those who are trying to determine just how corrupt Hunter Biden really is, because the facts are starting to show Ukraine is just the tip of a very big iceberg that could sink Papa Joe’s campaign.

Questioning of Hunter Biden, whether by U.S. Senator Rand Paul, or by lawyers in the Arkansas child support case, could have been very enlightening.
Most Americans know about Hunter’s dirty dealings in the Ukraine and his father’s using his status as Obama’s Vice President to get him out of a tough scrape there. We are even starting to hear more about Hunter’s involvement in BHR and its dealings with Communist China, once again with his famous father’s help.
In fact, there are many close to the Biden family, and Hunter in particular, who claim it is a well-known fact that Hunter has never held a job he didn’t get without his dad’s help. While that, in itself, is not a crime, when all you’ve known is trading off your family’s good name, it is bound to put you into some shady company.
Enter Sam Jauhari and H.E. Sheikh Mohammed AL Rahbani (also known derisively simply as “Ken” due to his extensive plastic surgery).
These two are power players in the Democrat party and in Middle East wheeling and dealing.
And, as it turns out, they met with Hunter Biden about working on a project to unfreeze Libyan assets in 2015, while his father was the Vice President.
Much has already been written about both Rahbani and Jauhari, and more is yet to come given their alleged illegal campaign donations and meetings with the upper echelon of the U.S. Democrat Party leadership.
In fact, we’ve been told there is soon to be an in-depth series coming out about Rahbani and Jauhari that will shock even the most hardened political veteran.
Sam Jauhari is of Lebanese-Venezuelan descent and is a citizen of the United States, Venezuela, and Lebanon, but lives in Kuwait, where he met his wife, a Kuwaiti citizen. Sheik Rahbani is a Saudi citizen, married to an American citizen and former model, Kate Rahbani. 
This duo has their hands in everything from building U.S. bases in Iraq to contracting to unfreeze Libyan assets around the world. They have given to many of the top Democrats, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eliot Engel, Howard Berman and numerous state Democrat parties. They also donated heavily to John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
It has been alleged, and may soon be confirmed, that they bundled millions of dollars for Obama, Clinton and other top Democrats — with at least some of it possibly coming from non-American citizens. Not bad for a former hair transplant salesman and a wanna be Ken doll jet setting air conditioning tycoon (is it really hard to sell air conditioning in Saudi Arabia?).
You may have even seen Rahbani on the cover of Hello Middle East pictured with his model wife Kate.
In fact, it is through Kate, an American citizen, and his children (American citizens as well), that Rahbani allegedly does most of his political giving here in the U.S.  
But for now, it is their possible relationship with Hunter Biden and a Libya asset operation that is deserving of the most attention.
That’s why Hunter Biden should be forced to answer some tough questions like:
  • How well does he know Rahbani and Jauhari?
  • How well does Joe Biden know them?
  • How did they meet? How often did they meet and why did they meet? 
  • Did they meet in D.C., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Paris, Libya or somewhere else?
  • And, did Hunter Biden do business with these two on any of their ventures or was his price too high even for them?
If the politicians are truly serious about corruption and foreign influence in American politics, maybe they should start with Hunter Biden and his friends (allegedly) Sam and “Ken.”
Afterall we already know that Rahbani gave over $800,000 to Obama’s inaugural committee even though he is not an American citizen.
What else have these two done and was it done with Hunter Biden’s help?
The American people deserve to know some answers, especially if Joe Biden is to become the next President.

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