Wednesday 19 February 2020

CRAZY TRAIN: Bernie Bros Brawl at Colorado Rally After White Guy Accuses Black Guy of Wearing Racist “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt (VIDEO)

A brawl broke out on Sunday between two fellow travelers at a Bernie Sanders rally.

Here’s the run-up to the brawl.
The white guy accuses a black guy of a racist T-shirt.
Guess the black guy did not want to be lectured to by his socialist brethren?
Bernis continued to speak as the two brawled next to the stage.

One man involved contacted CBS and confirmed that he’s a Sanders supporter who got into a fight with the other man. The man, who only gave his first name, Tyler (right, and in the blue jacket, left), claimed the man he was fighting had on a shirt that read: ‘Black Guns Matter’
Of course, if this would have happened at a Trump rally it would be headlines for weeks.

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