Saturday 8 February 2020

Comey Pops Off After Trump Slams Him as a ‘Sleazy Dirty Cop’ in Impeachment Victory Speech

James Comey
Fired FBI Director James Comey popped off after President Trump referred to him as a “dirty cop” and a “sleaze” during Thursday’s impeachment victory speech from the White House.
Trump blasted “dirty cops” James Comey and “scum” Peter Strzok on Thursday before calling out Mueller’s corruption in his victory speech after the senate voted to acquit him on both articles of impeachment.
“This should never, ever happen to another president. I don’t know if other presidents would be able to take it… Had I not fired James Comey, who was a disaster by the way, it’s possible I wouldn’t have been standing here right now. We caught him in the act. Dirty cops. Bad people. If this would have happened to President Obama a lot of people would have been in jail,” Trump said Thursday to a cheering crowd.
Thin-skinned Comey penned a WaPo op-ed decrying President Trump’s scorched earth rebuke of the FBI top brass.
“As usual, Trump called me a sleaze. But the audience reaction to his rant was more upsetting,” Comey said.
“The important thing was what happened in the audience, where there were plenty of intelligent people of deep commitment to religious principle. They laughed and smiled and clapped as a president of the United States lied, bullied, cursed and belittled the faith of other leaders. That was the deeply disturbing part of the East Room moment, and should challenge us all,” Comey wrote.

“How it is possible that they didn’t get up and walk out — that they seemed to participate actively in something they should know was deeply wrong? How could they smile and laugh? Because they are people,” Comey lamented, adding they “easily surrendered their individual moral authority to a group.”
Because for Comey, he just cannot accept that he is loathed by so many people for being a dirty cop who lied and leaked in order to try to remove Trump from office.
COMEY: “Ranting from the podium wasn’t the most disturbing thing that happened in the East Room yesterday. The audience reaction was.”

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