Wednesday 26 February 2020

COLUMNIST: Conservative Americans Have Had It With Never-Trump Republicans On Cable News

Never-Trump Republicans are over-represented in the media.
There is a perfectly logical reason for this. The liberal media loves conservatives who trash conservatives and President Trump.
But it’s enough already. People who support President Trump are tired of constantly seeing these people on TV.
Columnist Larry O’Connor has written a great piece about this for Townhall: 
Failed Never Trump Pundits Don’t Speak for You, But MSM Can’t Get Enough of Them
One is loathe to focus too much attention on the Never Trump pundit class in Washington, D.C., but a fascinating development this weekend begs some scrutiny and a long-overdue response.
While Bernie Sanders ran away with the Nevada caucus, “Never Trump” trended on Twitter across the nation because the high-profile, conservative voices of the last decade openly lamented that Democratic voters let them down by not nominating their candidates of choice to go up against President Donald Trump this November.
The arrogant, hubris required to lecture life-long Democrats as to how wrong they are for not following the advice of Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, and Stephen Hayes was amusing to witness for those of us on the pro-Trump right (that would be pro-conservative, Republican right to most normal observers). We’ve been living with this pomposity for years.
He expanded his thoughts about this on Twitter:
I see many Never Trump personalities (that's really all they are at this point, TV personalities) accusing those of us who supported the 2016 GOP nominee for president and his eventual presidency of being OBSESSED with Never Trump.
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"If we're so irrelevant, why do y'all still talk about us?" They ponder aloud in mocking derision.

Allow me to illuminate...
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You were AWFUL to us.

You CONTINUE to be awful to us.

You NEVER apologized to us for being wrong in 2016 and you NEVER acknowledged we were RIGHT.
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You supported the removal of the president first as Putin's stooge and NEVER acknowledged you were wrong about the collusion hoax.

When you could have supported Republican Devin Nunes you chose to support Democrat hack Adam Schiff and you've NEVER acknowledged you were wrong.
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And through it all... you've NEVER paid a price.

You continue to be OVER represented in media as if your perspective represents anything more than 5% of the electorate.
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Millions of Americans agree.

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