Tuesday 25 February 2020

Bradley Byrne Kicked His Brother’s Widow Off Her Land — Now He’s Running Campaign Ads for US Senate on That Same Land — Gateway Pundit Spoke with the Widow This Weekend

Last week Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) released a new ad for his US Senate race in Alabama.
The name of the ad is “Dale” after his deceased brother and former Green Beret Dale Byrne.

In the ad Bradley Byrne is sitting on the land he stole from his brother’s widow and son.

Gloria Byrne:  “I Don’t Have the Money to Fight Rich Politicians”

We spoke with Gloria Byrne this past weekend.  Here’s her story…
In 2008 Bradley’s mother Elizabeth passed away and left her land and other property to her three children.
In 2010 Bradley Byrne deeds the big Baldwin County Alabama property to his brother Dale, sister Patricia and himself in EQUAL SHARES.
There is NO MENTION in the deed of this being a “life estate.” In other words, this was a permanent handover. Bradley was the executor, and had the power to do this.
But then in 2014, after the death of his brother Dale, Bradley says he made a mistake back in 2010 and his mother’s will actually was only a “life estate.” So the rights of the land died with Dale in 2013. Bradley Byrne now claims the rights to the land now reverts to himself and sister Pat.
He then kicked his brother’s widow, Gloria Byrne, off the family land.

THIS IS THE LAND GRAB, from his brother’s widow — bold as daylight!
In June 2013 brother Dale writes and executes a will and leaves his land to his wife, SPECIFICALLY CITING THE DISTRIBUTION DEED EXECUTED BY BRADLEY in 2010.
Dale then passes away in October 2013 from septic shock and bowel problems. And a year later Bradley Byrne forces his brother’s widow off the land.

 Gloria told us, “My heart was in my throat when I saw the ad. Bradley has never even checked on me in six years.” She told The Gateway Pundit she never took Bradley to court because, “I don’t have the money to fight rich politicians.” She said Dale, a Green Beret, and Bradley were never close.

Gloria Byrne said the family told her she would need an escort if she wanted to come back on the land. She said she was not even allowed to spread her dead husband’s ashes on the land.

And now Bradley Byrne is running ads using the memory of his dead brother Dale.
We will provide a statement to our report if we hear back from the Byrne campaign.

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