Thursday 6 February 2020

Biden Snaps at Woman Asking About Coal Plants in New Hampshire – Then Belittles Her, ‘SIT DOWN, KID!’ (VIDEO)

2020 Dem candidate Joe Biden crumbled at a New Hampshire event on Wednesday after he took a punch to the gut in Iowa earlier this week.
Biden came in last place in the Iowa caucuses but the Dem establishment is trying to help Biden by refusing to release the full results of the Iowa caucuses.
The Democrat candidates are now stumping in New Hampshire as the Iowa debacle hangs over the party like a dark cloud.
A New Hampshire woman asked Biden what he was going to do about a coal plant located within 45 miles of where she lives.
Biden falsely claimed to the female Dem voter that the Obama administration “wiped out” coal plants.
The woman corrected Biden and said, “There’s [a coal plant] in New Hampshire!”
Biden snapped at the woman and said, “There is one in New Hampshire — we can’t do it all at once! We’re working on it, kid! Why don’t you sit down! I promise you, let’s talk — let’s talk…please! please!” Biden said.

Biden belittled the woman by calling her “kid” and then brushed her off and told her to “sit down” and shut up.
The longer version of this video clip shows Biden snapping at other Democrat voters before he went off on the woman.


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