Sunday 9 February 2020

Another Weak Republican: Utah Governor Herbert Disagrees with Push from State Lawmakers to Censure Mitt Romney

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said on Friday he disagrees with Republican lawmakers who want to censure Mitt Romney.
Never-Trumper Mitt Romney used God as his excuse to vote to impeach President Donald Trump.
Mitt Romney was 1 of 250 GOP lawmakers and Senators to vote to impeach Trump.
He did it out of spite.
Romney was praised by Hollywood and every Democrat politician after his disgusting vote.
What a rotten man.
Herbert also disagrees with the push from some of his fellow Utah Republicans to censure Romney for his vote this week.
“I would not have voted that way, based on my information, what I know, but far be it for me to tell somebody else what they should vote with their information,” Herbert told The Salt Lake Tribune in an interview Friday in Washington.

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