Monday 3 February 2020

And There It Is… Top #Never-Trumper Switches Parties, Is Now a Democrat — Good Riddance!

And there it is… Leading Never-Trumper Bill Kristol came out on Saturday as a Democrat.
The once outspoken conservative lost his grip after President Trump’s ascendance in the Republican Party.
And on Saturday he finally admitted he was now a Democrat.
Bill is a socialist now.
President Trump gave a shout-out to Bill Kristol and his conservative Weekly Standard magazine after its collapse in 2018.
Trump supporters should not be surprised with this weekend’s announcement. Bill admitted to his inner socialist in November 2017.
In April 2017 Bill Kristol published a hit piece on Sean Hannity, Mike Cernovich and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft.
But overall, for the last three years, Bill Kristol has become less and less consequential.
Let’s hope he enjoys his new home with AOC, Bernie, and brother-lover and cheater Ilhan Omar.

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