Sunday 26 January 2020

WTH? Lindsey Graham Congratulates Adam Schiff – Cheers House Democrats on their Three Day Marathon of Lies and Smears

Democrats wrapped up their three days of attacks and lies about Donald Trump in the Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump this Friday night. 
Democrats are attempting to overthrow the President of the United States based on rumors, smears, lies and non-crimes.
For three days the House Impeachment team selectively edited clip after clip to make it appear President Trump committed an unethical act. Democrats smeared President Trump as an agent of Vladimir Putin and of colluding with Russia. It was pure insanity.
Lindsey Graham congratulated Rep. Adam Schiff on Wednesday after a full day of lies and smears of President Donald Trump. 
And on Friday night after Democrats spewed their bile and lunacy for three straight days Lindsey Graham congratulated Democrats for presenting their case in a professional and articulate manner!!
What the hell? 
Do not trust this man.

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