Tuesday 21 January 2020

White Antifa Terrorist Screams “F*** You, Uncle Tom!” at Black Trump Supporter at Seattle MLK Day Observance

A Seattle Martin Luther King Day observance by a Blacks for Trump group was protested by white Antifa terrorists who hurled racial abuse at one speaker, screaming “F*** you, Uncle Tom” from behind a police line and fence erected to protect the Blacks for Trump event from the terrorist violence common at Antifa protests. Police were also targets of verbal abuse by Antifa. The turnout by both groups was modest as seen in the videos. 
Unmasked Antifa terrorist on right yells, “F*** you, Uncle Tom!” at Black Trump supporter at MLK Day observance.
Local conservative activist Katie Daviscourt posted several video clips.
The clip of the Antifa terrorist yelling, “F*** you, Uncle Tom!” shows he yelled it three times and was not rebuked by any fellow Antifa terrorist standing with him.

Antifa tried to drown out a Pakistani immigrant as she told of her love for America and urged them to love America also. She persisted, to borrow a phrase.
Daviscourt asked Antifa about calling black police officers bastards on MLK Day.
The left is so consumed with hate they yell racist garbage at black men on Martin Luther King Day.

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