Sunday 26 January 2020

HERE WE GO… Lev Parnas Attorney Releases New Video from Trump Fundraiser at Trump International that Proves Nothing (VIDEO)

Cue the screaming headlines–
The attorneys for Lev Parnas released video on Saturday of the GOP donor attending a fundraiser at Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

The fundraiser was held on April 30, 2018 and lasted a bit over an hour.
The news of the Parnas video was first reported on Friday.

The Trump White House responded to this non-story.

On Saturday attorneys for Lev Parnas released the full video to the press.
It appears Parnas was wearing a hidden camera and microphone or used his phone at the dinner party for donors.
ABC News released the tape on Saturday afternoon.
In the video President Trump says he wants the controversial Ukrainian Ambassador fired… which is his right.
Watch for the media to run headlines on this nothing-burger for the next two days until the next nothing-burger.

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