Friday 31 January 2020

Chinese Woman from Wuhan Goes on Vacation to Philippines – Visits Cebu, Manila, Dumaguete — Then Checks into Hospital with Coronavirus

Cebu crowd 
The first case of Coronovirus was confirmed in Philippines on Thursday.
The woman from Wuhan, China took a vacation in Philippines.
The 38-year-old woman flew from Hong Kong and arrived in Philippines on January 21.
The woman then visited the tourist hub of Cebu and then traveled to Manila and Dumaguete.
There are 12.8 million people in the Manila metro area.
She checked into the hospital days later on January 25th.
This is absolutely frightening!
According to GMA online:

She sought consultation and was admitted in one of the country’s government hospitals on January 25 after experiencing a mild cough.
According to Duque, she is currently asymptomatic, which means she had no fever and no other symptoms suggesting illness.

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