Wednesday 29 January 2020

CHINA UPDATE: Hong Kong Closes Schools Till March! — Food Shortages in Affected and Barricaded Areas

Barriers are in place around China, preventing individuals from traveling the country as is customary during the Chinese New Year.  Food shortages are being reported as the year of the rat starts on a terrible note.

Chinese citizens in the cities impacted because of the coronavirus are feeling the impact of the virus whether they are infected or not.  Many shopping centers across China are running out of food:
In other locations, stores are reporting food shortages in staples such as rice and other food products:
As we noted yesterday, the individuals living in smaller villages who have fields to grow crops are the lucky ones.  They can live off of their bags or rice and dried food for a couple of months.  The people in the big cities however are at risk already, as the stores are beginning to run out of foodstuffs.
The cause of the coronavirus is of much debate around the world.  Some claim that the unique food habits and consumption in areas like Wuhan in Hubei Province are the reason.  Pictures from this part of the world show people eating bat soup and live mice and others shoving snakes up their noses in grotesque shock shows in public.
Others claim that the virus may have leaked from a center in Wuhan that worked with the coronavirus:
The rumors in China are that the US was involved.  Hong Kong schools announced they are closed now through the end of February.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and something the China economy could not afford at this time.

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