Thursday 30 January 2020

BRUTAL! Trump Attorney Cipollone Dunks on Schiff Team — You’re Going to Lose Impeachment, and the American People will Throw You Out (VIDEO)

It’s all over now but the sobbing. 
The Trump All-Star Team of top US Attorneys trounced the Schiff scammers this week in the US Senate.
It wasn’t even fair.
Brilliant legal minds on one side versus Crazy Adam Schiff and the high school debate team.
It’s pretty clear about the outcome at this point.
Democrats never had a case and they never had a chance. Even the lying liberal media can’t bail them out now.
On Thursday afternoon Trump Attorney Pat Cipollone kicked the horrible, lying Democrats while they’re down.
Pat Cipollone: If you’re going to say that the votes of the American people are going to be disallowed, that all of the ballots need to be torn up. Then at the very least you need to be accountable to your own district for that decision and now they are. And now they are. And if the American people decide. If they are allowed to vote. If the American people decide, that they don’t like what’s happened here, that they don’t like the constitutional violations that have happened, that they don’t like the attack on a successful president, for purely partisan political purposes. Then they can do something and they can throw them out. That’s why a vote’s important. 

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