Tuesday 28 January 2020

Alicia Keys Sings About Trump Being Impeached, Calls for Cardi B to Enter Politics at Grammy Awards

Grammy host Alicia Keys sang about President Donald Trump being impeached and called for rapper Cardi B to enter politics at the end of the award show on Sunday evening.

Those on the right who actually made it through the entire spectacle were hit with some shade as the musician sang “Commander in chief impeached, ya’ll get out — let’s bring Cardi B.”
“Cardi, can you please show these people what to do?” Keys continued.
Cardi B recently made headlines when she declared that she wanted to go back to school so that she can run for Congress.
Keys went on to belt out “it’s just too many lies. Too much hate, too much spin. It’s when good people do nothing, that the bad guys win.”
In 2017, Keys was roasted on Twitter for “celebrating diversity” by posting a photograph of a woman in a niqab while showing some leg. The singer was swarmed with people who demanded that she “stop normalizing oppression.”
Keys’ husband, ‘Swizz Beatz’ AKA Kasseem Dean, is a follower of Islam, but she has never publicly confirmed if she converted or not.
One of the people who objected to Keys’ tweet most passionately was Muslim writer and reformer Shireen Qudosi. She wrote that “if you lived in a niqab-wearing society, and showed that leg, you’d be severely beaten. Signed, a Muslim woman.”
Keys eventually deleted the photo.

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