Thursday 19 December 2019

Thanks, Pelosi: RNC Collects $25+ Million From 600,000 New Donors Since House Took Up Sham Impeachment

As Nancy Pelosi and her minions continue full bore with the impeachment show trial, the Republican National Committee is raking in millions of dollars to spend retaking the House next year, while the DNC sputters. 
The Republican National Committee has seen over 600,000 new donors since the start of impeachment, deputy chief of staff Mike Reed tells Axios. “Voters are consistently expressing how they want Washington to focus on real issues,” he said.
  • The Trump campaign and RNC combined took in more than $10m in small-dollar donations last week alone, as the House Judiciary Committee adopted two articles of impeachment, according to a campaign official.
  • In the 72 hours that followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s initial September announcement that she would move forward with the impeachment inquiry, Republicans raised $15m.
  • Since the impeachment inquiry began, an official said, a quarter of Trump rally registrants are self-described Democrats or independents, and about the same proportion are low-propensity voters.
By contrast, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it has no specific donor or dollar figures to share on impeachment.
If you’re not sick of winning yet, there’s more.
Even before the phony impeachment hearings began, the RNC was already dwarfing the DNC in contributions. The Center for Responsive Politics, via Open Secrets, reported back in October:
Democrats are growing weary of the formidable fundraising machine at President Donald Trump’s disposal. The Trump campaign, together with the Republican National Committee, have combined to raise a record-breaking $334 million to advance GOP campaigns nationwide.
The Democratic National Committee, saddled with millions in debt, lags far behind in its lackluster fundraising efforts, with $8.6 million on hand through the end of September. Falling short in campaign funds, the committee is limited in its ability to help Democratic candidates ahead of 2020.
The RNC entered September with $53.8 million on hand and ended the month with $59.2 million in the bank. That’s more than twice as much money as it had at the beginning of the year and far more than the $19.4 million it had at this point in 2015.
The committee hauled in $11.3 million from individual donors in September. It also received nearly $10 million from Trump’s joint fundraising committees, Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee.
Bruised by sluggish fundraising performances and $7.2 million in debt, the DNC recently turned to the party’s presidential contenders for help. The party committee hosted fundraising events featuring several candidates as headliners, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and self-funded billionaire Tom Steyer, CNBC reported.
The DNC is not the only Democratic party committee to struggle with multimillion-dollar debt. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ended September with $17.6 million on hand, more than the $13 million cash reserve of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, but it stills bears a debt of $11.9 million. The committee raised $6.8 million in September, outpacing its GOP counterpart by almost $2 million.
Still not sick of winning? Good.
Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee have raised more than $300 million this year for his reelection — more than any other sitting president in history at this point in the campaign.
Trump has nearly twice as much cash on hand — $158 million, between his campaign account and the RNC — as Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee had at this time in his successful re-election run.
“The resources he has will be put to work anywhere and everywhere that he feels like he can scare up electoral votes, and Democrats will never catch up. It’s just too much money,” said Chris Lippincott, a Texas-based Democratic strategist who ran a super PAC opposing Sen. Ted Cruz last year. “That’s real trouble … I’m not here to curse the dark, but it’s dark.”
And the situation stands to get worse.
Since the start of the year, Trump’s campaign operation has run an expensive, far-reaching effort to find new small-dollar donors that is already beginning to pay dividends. The campaign netted 313,000 new donors between July and the end of September, according to numbers provided by the RNC, after spending $4.2 million in advertising on Facebook over the last 90 days.
Rest assured, there will be more winning in the near future.

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