Wednesday 11 December 2019

Ted Malloch: Jeff “Mother” Zucker Comes Under the Hot Lights

Unfathomably handsome and articulate, Jeff “Mother” Zucker is actually the President of CNN.
And you might not know, but CNN is now owned by telecom giant, AT&T.
Zucker has transformed what was once a “news” organization into a narrowly left slanted ideological network that has just one goal: defeat and impeach Trump — at all costs.
And it doesn’t matter how you do it.
Lie, fabricate, indoctrinate, lecture, abuse the listening public but always, and all the time, preach Trump hate.
CNN, also known as Clinton News Network, is so bad that it has lost much of its small and dwindling audience and many of its paying advertisers.

If you watch it, most of its silly and nearly constant commercials are nothing but booster pieces for its OWN shows and biased commentators — from Jake the Fake to Becky, It’s not your World to Anderson 360 wacko to Amanpour’s inflated ego vanity trip.
This is not journalism and it is certainly not news.
Even Ted Turner, the “mouth of the South” would be ashamed of his original creation. 
Now we find that CNN and Z-Man are coming under scrutiny for collaborating with its parent company to release telephone logs of Republicans to Rep. Adam Schiff.
Recent findings by even the CIA suggest that their so-called “national security” reporting was “simply false.”
Not to mention they hire all the old, biased Obama cronies who should instead be indicted.
CNN’s premature and circular reporting are not just problematic but in fact, downright dangerous.
The large, one-sided talking head panels they congregate and proliferate are so bad as to be laughable.
Hosts like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are just plain dumb, “Fredo” dumb.
The guy on top, “Mother” Zucker started his brilliant career at NBC and rose from lowly researcher all the way up to President & CEO of NBC Universal. Oddly, he was the very person who greenlighted Trump’s launch to media fame in, “The Apprentice.”
The two have feuded ever since.
He was exposed for what he is by Project Veritas with his “every focus on impeachment” here.
It looks like there could be liability for AT&T for releasing thousands of journalist and enemy phone records to Shifty Schiff. It has to do with something called the First Amendment.
So, with CNN now sitting in 19th place now, where does Sucker go for his next gig? Governor of New York? Senator from Georgia? Mayor of South Bend?
This was Trump’s recent zinger on Twitter.
“Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigning momentarily?”
We address all of Trump’s adversaries in grainy detail, including CNN, in our new book, Trump’s World. Pre-order it here.

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