Sunday 8 December 2019

Democrats Doctored Video of Trump Used During Impeachment Hearing

Democrats and the media often accuse conservatives, and especially President Donald Trump, of using deceptively edited or “doctored” pictures and videos to attack them or to prove a point.
Unsurprisingly — as projection is the name of the left’s game — Democrats were just caught using a “doctored” and deceptively edited video clip to try and prove their point against Trump during the impeachment hearing on Wednesday.
Breitbart’s Joel Pollack reported that the deceptive snippet of video, which quoted the president out of context, was used extensively as an argument against Trump during the House Judiciary Committee hearing that featured four law professors and supposed experts on the Constitution and impeachment, three of whom were overtly biased in favor of impeaching the president and removing him from office.
It appears to have first been used by Democrat counsel Norm Eisen, formerly the White House “ethics” czar in the Obama administration, as a set-up for Harvard law professor Noah Feldman, and appeared to show President Trump boldly claiming that Article II of the Constitution granted him the power to do whatever he wanted.
In that clip, Trump said, “Then I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” Feldman, mustering all the sanctimony he could, intoned that the video clip had “in particular struck a kind of horror in me.”
To be sure, based solely on that second or two of Trump speaking, one might understandably surmise that he was speaking of holding unlimited power, as granted by Article II, which was exactly what Democrats intended.
Pollack noted that the clip was replayed several times during the hearing and cited by numerous Democrats, including Chairman Jerry Nadler, as evidence that President Trump incorrectly believed he had absolute power — and thus should be impeached.
But what that brief snippet of video — pulled from Trump’s July 23, 2019, speech to the Turning Point USA Teen Student Action Summit in Washington, D.C. — didn’t show was the full context of the president’s remark.
Rather than asserting an absolute power, Trump was actually only referencing his executive power to hire and fire with respect to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Check out the more lengthy clip right here and see for yourself:
This is just the latest example of the left taking remarks from Trump completely out of context, clipping and selectively editing them to suit a particular narrative or be used as a cudgel against them, something that has been done by Democrats and the media on countless occasions in the past few years.
Whether it be the false claim that Trump declared all Mexicans to be “rapists” in his campaign-launching speech in 2015, or the “very fine people” hoax from Charlottesville in 2017 — leaving out the part where he explicitly condemned neo-nazis and white supremacists — doctoring videos to make Trump look bad is a standard, if despicable, practice for the left. 
Perhaps even more infuriating than how deceptively edited clips are used to attack the president is what those clips say about the left and what they think about you — the average American, who they believe can be easily fooled into believing their narratives and who they assume have no memory of the underlying events they are attempting to transform in Orwellian fashion.
Once again, Democrats have shown that they do not trust the American people to choose their side when presented with the plain facts and unvarnished truth and instead display their utter contempt and lack of credibility by trying to deceive and trick everyone into believing the narrative-enforcing falsehoods they want them to believe.

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