Friday 1 November 2019

President Trump Announces He is Officially Leaving Sh*thole New York Due to Harassment by Democrat State Leaders – Declares Florida Home State

President Trump has been harassed and abused by the Democrats in New York City since winning the presidency of the United States. 
The far left politicians from New York city are open about their hatred of conservatives and Trump.
Fr left New York state Attorney General Letitia James promised after her election victory in November 2018 that she will sue President Trump. Like a true communist she didn’t know what for but she promised to do it anyway. 
New York City also continues to be an intolerant city to all Republicans, conservatives and Christians.
It is such a hostile environment for conservatives that President Trump lashed out the partisan far left leaders in July 2019. 
So this news should be no surprise.
On Thursday The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump filed a “declaration of domicile” last month saying that his property in Palm Beach will be his permanent residence. 
Far left hack Maggie Haberman says campaign manager Brad Parscale pushed him to move his residence. 
So long New York City!
Trump will not be the last conservative to flee that failed state.

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