Tuesday 12 November 2019

Piers Morgan shreds 'shameless' liberal hypocrisy after Donald Trump Jr.'s appearance on 'The View,' praises his spirit: 'He gave as good as he got'

"Good Morning Britain" co-anchor and former CNN host Piers Morgan blasted the women on "The View" for their liberal hypocrisy following last week's explosive interview with Donald Trump Jr.

What are the details?

In a lengthy diatribe published in the Daily Mail, Morgan called Trump Jr's appearance on the long-running daytime talk show "ballsy," and highlighted "barefaced lying liberal celebrity hypocrisy."
Morgan pointed out that before Trump even appeared on the show, celebrities were foaming at the mouth over the president's son's appearance.
One such critic was "Will and Grace" actress Debra Messing, who has a history of spouting liberal platitudes from her Twitter pedestal. Messing tweeted, "Why would you bring him on?" and tagged the show. "You trying to be 'balanced?'"
Messing added, "He and his family have assaulted our country, our democracy, our environment, our national security, moral compass. Very very disappointing and irresponsible decision."
"Nobody's allowed to be 'balanced' about President Trump anymore," Morgan quipped. "There is, of course, no legitimate reason why Donald Trump Jr. should not be a guest on ABC's excellent and top-rated flagship daytime panel show."
Morgan pointed out that in addition to being secure in his own right, Trump Jr. is a "smart, amusing, and combative character" who is good on television and performed well during last week's appearance on "The View."
"In fact, it was one of the wildest daytime talk show interviews I can ever remember watching, accompanied by constant raucous boos and cheers from the audience," he said. "For Trump Jr. turned the tables on some of his family's most savage critics, and exposed their searing hypocrisy."
Morgan pointed to Trump's decision to tweet out an article that named the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, which drew much more than raised eyebrows from the women of "The View." Trump insisted that he didn't commit a crime as a private citizen for sharing the article.

Calling out the behaviors

During the highly charged appearance, the panel of women also called out President Donald Trump's alleged behaviors contained on the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, professing that he would grab women "by the p***y."
Trump Jr. responded by sidelining the remark, pointing out that "we've all done things we regret." He turned the tables once more and pointed out that co-host Joy Behar once dressed up in blackface as a "beautiful African woman" despite her protestations of being "woke." She insisted that she never did such a thing, but during a 2016 airing of the show, Behar admitted to dressing up in a Halloween costume and significantly darkened her complexion.
"Trump Jr. then turned to Goldberg and accused HER of downplaying fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski's criminal conduct," Morgan added. "'Whoopi, you've said Roman Polanski.. it wasn't 'rape-rape' when he raped a child.'"
Morgan continued, "By reminding Goldberg of her shocking statement, Trump Jr. also reminded us all of Hollywood's outrageous on-going support for Polanski, which is staggeringly hypocritical in this #MeToo era where liberals bay for blood at the slightest suggestion of sexual bad behavior."
Morgan also pointed out that liberals don't often want to remove the plank from their own eyes before attempting to remove the speck from Republicans' eyes.
"[Liberals] don't want to give any attention to the increasingly suspicious-looking activities of Hunter Biden in the Ukraine, who, as Trump Jr. pointed out, was 'getting boards of companies and languages he can't speak, in companies he knows nothing about,'" Morgan recalled.
"The fact liberal celebrities don't care about the Biden side of this scandal comes back to Debra Messing's fury at the b-word: balance," Morgan reasoned. "Or lack of it."

What about the book?

He also pointed out that while Trump Jr.'s appearance was supposed to be based on his new book, "Triggered," none of the co-hosts even broached the topic of the new book, calling it an "extraordinary discourtesy."
"It took guts for Trump Jr. to go into the lionesses' den yesterday and he got the savaging he expected," Morgan added. "But he gave as good as he got, and in doing so, he also exposed much of the shameless hypocrisy and selective outrage that pervades the liberal celebrity anti-Trump mindset."
Morgan concluded by warning liberal celebrities that their antics will only further secure a 2020 win for Trump.
"The high moral ground is a very precarious place," he wrote. "And as I keep warning, the higher hypocritical liberal celebrities try to mount it, the easier they make it for President Trump to get re-elected." 

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