Saturday 19 October 2019

Trump Hits “Slippery, Slick, Stealthy” Mitt Romney – Labels Him A “Democrat Secret Asset” Posing as Republican (VIDEO)

President Trump was in a mood Friday night and slammed RINO of all RINOs Senator Mitt Romney. 
On Thursday Turkey agreed to a 5-day ceasefire in Northern Syria to allow the Kurds retreat to a ‘safe zone.’
But not everyone was pleased with the ceasefire.
Mitt Romney, who gets more unhinged by the day, said the ceasefire was a mistake.
What a clown.
On Friday, President Trump labeled “slippery, slick, stealthy” Mitt Romney as a “secret Democrat asset” posing as a Republican.
Trump went a step further and said that “Romney had us fooled” and tried to “infiltrate” the Trump administration as Secretary of State.
The President also posted another video of Romney losing the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama.

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