Tuesday 22 October 2019

STUNNING! Spoiler Candidates Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson Prevented President Trump from Winning 5 ADDITIONAL STATES in Complete Blowout!

Sore loser Hillary Clinton lashed out at Democrat Tulsi Gabbard last week calling her a Russian asset.
Hillary still believes the 2016 election was stolen from her.

On Monday night Lou Dobbs broke the numbers down for Crooked.  As Lou pointed out — It wasn’t Hillary Clinton who was the victim of spoiler candidates in 2016 election.  It was President Trump. 
According to Lou Dobbs President Trump would have won FIVE MORE STATES but spoiler candidates Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin took his votes.
Trump would have won Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine if Johnson and McMullin were not in the race.
For some reason, you never hear this in the liberal news media.

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