Wednesday 2 October 2019

Senior Trump Adviser Stephen Miller: “Democrats Have No Depth They Will Not Sink in their Craven Pursuit of Power… They’re Just Socialists and Marxists”

Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller joined Lou Dobbs on Tuesday to discuss the Democrat Party’s latest attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. 
Miller told Lou the deepest fear today of the Democrats and the Deep State is that the Trump administration is going to expose them. Miller then added this on the Biden Crime Family, “Just because Joe Biden may be running for president doesn’t mean that he’s removed from scrutiny. It doesn’t mean his family is removed from scrutiny for corrupt behavior in the Ukraine and in China.”
On the latest junk charges against President Trump, “Democrats have truly no depth in to which they will not sink in their craven pursuit of power. And that’s what this is all about Lou, right?… Now they’re just socialists and Marxists, Lou.”
Right again, Stephen.
This was another excellent interview by Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

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