Friday 31 May 2019

White House Asked for the USS John McCain To Be Out of Sight During Japan Visit Because Trump Is a Petty Maniac

Before Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) died, he made a list of people who couldn’t attend his funeral. That list only had two names on it:
1. Scar from The Lion King
2. President Donald Trump
It’s safe to say that if your dying wish is not to have the president of the United States at your funeral that you absolutely hate the man.
Well, it has never been said that Trump is not petty so during a visit to Japan this past weekend, White House officials—who know the president best—asked that a U.S. Navy warship that bears the Arizona Republican’s name in honor of his father and grandfather, be “out of sight” before Trump got there.
According to an email obtained by the Wall Street Journal dated May 15, the president’s arrival instructions including moving anything with McCain’s name on it out of Trump’s direct line of sight since he wouldn’t be wearing his MAGA blockers, which normally keep people who detest his presidency out of his vision.
“USS John McCain needs to be out of sight,” the email reportedly read. “Please confirm #3 will be satisfied.”
From the Hill:
Officials, including acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, were aware of the concern about the USS John McCain and approved measures so it would not be visible during Trump’s visit, an official told the Wall Street Journal.
The ship has been stationed at the Yokosuka Naval Base near the USS Wasp, where Trump delivered Memorial Day remarks and visited U.S. officers. The Journal also reported that sailors on the ship, who normally wear caps with its name, were given the day off when Trump gave his address.
An anonymous White House senior aide told the Washington Post that the request was not made with Trump’s input but it was done to keep the president happy. Photographs of the ship with tarp covering McCain’s name began surfacing on Friday, but a senior Navy official ordered the tarp removed on Saturday before Trump’s arrival.
A Navy official said that the crew of the USS John McCain was released early for the long weekend, not because of Trump’s visit.
Trump took to Twitter to note that he had no idea that the ship was being moved to serve him.

But we all know that because Trump is an irrational baby, White House officials’ jobs are basically to find things that might upset him and remove them before the president can see them and get upset.
McCain’s daughter and voice of lunacy on The View, Meghan McCain, called Trump “a child.”

Trump visited two military outfits where he wished troops a “very happy Memorial Day,” which is odd AF considering it is a designated day to remember all the soldiers who’ve died. You’d think his aides would’ve told him that wishing troops a “happy” Memorial Day is akin to wishing a grieving mom a “happy funeral day.”
Trump continues to be an American embarrassment and the fact that a destroyer commemorating a U.S. war hero’s family was taken out of the president’s line of sight because it would hurt his feelings is petty AF.

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