Thursday 9 May 2019

'Therapy donkeys' soothe stressed-out college students before finals: 'These animals work miracles'

In our era of safe spaces on college campuses, students have been treated to a bevy of coddling to help soothe their stressed-out psyches — such aseliminating anxiety-inducing book fines, letting students choose their own grades, Play-doh therapy, and even a "Cry Closet" with stuffed animals.
Schools also have drafted real-life animals such as therapy dogs and, believe or not, therapy llamas to calm down these young adults as they purportedly prepare for careers.
Berkeley Students Destress with Llama

Introducing 'therapy donkeys'

So is it any surprise that the State University of New York at Plattsburgh requested therapy donkeys last Wednesday for a wellness fair to help students ahead of finals week?
"These animals work miracles," Ken Besaw of Thera Pets told WCAX-TV. "They do truly miracle work because they can make you feel better if you feel bad."
Image source: WCAX-TV video screenshot
Indeed many students stopped by to see the therapy donkeys, take selfies, and just de-stress, the station said.
Image source: WCAX-TV video screenshot
Here's the video report:

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