Saturday 20 April 2019

Voter stuns MSNBC reporter with his message to Democrats after Mueller report release

A reporter for the progressive cable news channel MSNBC was stunned by a New Hampshire voter who warned the Democratic party that they would lose in 2020 if they kept pushing the Mueller report after its release.
"But I do want to bring in one of the voters who I've been talking to this morning," said Ali Vitali. "Harold Chase, and you're someone who, now that you've seen the report come out, what are you thoughts?"
"Well my thoughts are that, like I said earlier, it's just, it's all false, the reports, there's nothing in there that shows the President of the United States is guilty of anything," Chase told her.
"There's no Russian collusion and there's no obstruction," he continued, "you know they're gonna try to find something, looking at that report, pick it apart and they'll try to find something and run with it, and nothing's gonna happen."
"So you say 'they' I think you're talking about Democrats," Vitali added. "When you say they're gonna run with it, do you think that they should talk about this as they campaign for president?"
"Absolutely not," he responded, "absolutely not, it's just gonna destroy them they won't get in, they won't win in 2020 if they keep pushing this."
"And what do you think," Vitali asked, "to you, the most important thing is, now that this report is out, what do you want to see happen next?"
"Well, the report is out," he replied. "I think they just need to move on, and just drop it, you know if they just keep going forward, they're not getting anywhere."
"They're just destroying themselves," he concluded.

Here's the video of NH voter Harold Chase:

NH Voter To MSNBC On Mueller Investigation: Democrats Need To “Move On And Just Drop It"

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