Tuesday 24 April 2018

Chinese man tired of wife’s complaining invents smart robot cooker

Tired of cooking every day? A smart robot cooker has caught people’s attention at the 6th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF).
He Qing, CEO of a Shanghai-based catering service company, has spent eight years creating a smart robot cooker after becoming tired of his wife's complaining about his inability to cook. 
The operation interface of the smart robot cooker. /VCG Photo 
Having undergone countless obstacles, he never gave up in his attempts to research and develop the cooker, claiming he always knew he'd liberate himself from the kitchen one day.
After his successful creation, his wife hasn't complained about his cooking once and is said to be very satisfied with his invention.
He Qing told Pear Video about his revolutionary robot cooker. /VCG Photo
“The smart robot cooker not only liberates me from the kitchen, but also liberates women from the kitchen,” He told Pear Video.
Many people were interested in trying the dishes prepared by the robot cooker. /VCG Photo
“The dish is so delicious; the robot cooker has better cooking skills than me,” said one person.
According to staff, it only takes the robot cooker three to four minutes to cook a dish and the cooker also has an automatic cleaning system.
The robot cooker adopts a fully automatic cleaning system. /VCG Photo
The staff added that the robot cooker was only currently available for rent, and that a 10,000 yuan (1,588 US dollars) deposit is required plus 1 yuan (0.16 US dollars) for every dish cooked. 
The smart robot cooker has attracted wide debate over Chinese social media.
"The man's story tells us that laziness is a primary productive force," Weibo user @chengyuyan commented.
"The most difficult part of cooking is not stir-frying dishes, but preparing raw materials. It seems that the cooker hasn't solved the problem of cleaning and cutting the cooking materials," said another Weibo user @mushimuzhao. 
The 6th CSITF kicked off at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center last Thursday. The event aims to increase the import and export of cutting-edge technology in the machinery and AI sector.

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