Thursday 8 March 2018

Striking Photos Show The Diversity Of The Human Race (30 Pics)

A Bulgarian coal miner smokes; Antoni Georgiev 
A Syrian refugee kisses the 10-day-old baby she carried with her to safety across the border into Jordan

Jonglei, South Sudan

Grandfather-granddaughter dance at my wedding instead of a father-daughter dance

A Kurdish fighter walks with his child in the streets of Kobani, Syria after they recaptured it from ISIS militants

A girl who suffers from hearing and speech disorders reacts to the camera at a rehabilitation center 30 years after the Bhopal disaster

14 months old child experiencing rain for the first time

A teenage girl of the Karen tribe in traditional dress (but wearing a casio) in Thailand

I’ll Miss You Dad by Technical Sergeant Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr., USAF

Exhausted African migrant crawls across a Canary Island beach after escaping his troubled country

Portrait of a beautiful tribal girl from the Amazon by David Lazar

Chinese and Pakistani border guards

The oldest living person Misao Okawa on her 117th birthday today with her family, she is the first documented person to reach the age 117 in almost 20 years

Syrian peshmerga fighter with a bunny on his shoulder

A young girl’s face is painted for a festival honoring the guardian deity Angalamman, “the fiercest form,” evoked in participants’ expression

Young Woman in Tibet

Mexican police having quesadillas for lunch break during protests

Visually impaired albino girl wearing a beautiful white dress at the Special Needs Education Resource Centre, Malingunde village, Malawi, Africa

Italian soldier after 72 hours of combat. He demonstrates what is called the ‘Thousand Yard Stare’, which is known to occur during an acute stress reaction, and describes the unfocussed gaze of a warrior.

A Mongolian nomad family traveling by motorcycle

Arguably the best sushi chef in the world – Jiro Ono with his first son Yoshikazu (to his left) and his apprentices

‘Mongrel Mob’ Biker Gang member from New Zealand

Four lifestyles are united for this brief moment by a game of Chess, Boston

North Korean Border Guard

Etienne Ouamouno, father of the baby thought to be Patient Zero in the Ebola epidemic, in the village of Meliandou, Guinea, on Dec. 2014. By Daniel Berehulak

A soldier immobilizes a murder suspect. Haiti. By Daniel Aguilar

Buddhist monks in Angkor among temple ruins

Kevin Berthia is talked out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge by California Highway Patrolman Kevin Briggs

Mursi warrior from southern Ethiopia, by Victoria Rogotneva

A Geisha bridges traditional Japan with the modern day in Kyoto; Clancy Lethbridge

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