Tuesday 6 February 2018

New Details Revealed About The North Carolina Father Who Got His Biological Daughter Pregnant And Then Tried To Marry Her

Police arrested a North Carolina man and his daughter after learning that they had an incestuous relationship and plans to get married. 
Steven Pladl and his wife gave birth to Katie Pladl in 1998. They then gave her up for adoption out of state. 
When Katie turned 18, she found her biological parents on social media and reached out to them.  
Katie moved into their home in August of 2016 to live with them and their two other children. Steven and his wife legally separated in November of 2016, and the wife moved out. 
In the month before she moved out, however, she said Seven would sleep on the floor of Katie's room.  

The wife and biological mother of Katie made a shocking discovery on May 23, 2017. She read in one of her other children's journals that Katie was pregnant and Steven was the father. 
According to his arrest warrant, Steven instructed his other children to call Katie their "step-mom."
When the wife confronted Steven, he admitted that he had impregnated their adult biological daughter and that they planned to get married. 
The Henrico County Child Advocacy Center interviewed Steven's two other children and they both said their dad was the father of their older sister's child. After May of 2017, both Katie and Steven moved to a different county.  
On Jan. 27, police located Steven and Katie. They had a baby with them at the time of the arrest who was born in September 2017. 
Both of them are charged with incest, adultery and contributing to delinquency. 
Steven has been released on bond but Katie remains in jail. It's unclear who is taking care of their child. 

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