Saturday 20 January 2018

The North Vietnamese Side Of The Vietnam War

16th of November 1967. The Den ageing guerilla soldier Tran Van Ong from Duc Ninh after the shooting down of a F4H phantom fighter. -Chu Chi Thành
1968. Supplies of green tea are brought to the soldiers in the hills of Am Tien in Quang Binh province. In April and May the temperature could reach 38 degrees C (100 Fahrenheit). - Chu Chi Thành

1968. a couple of Vietnamese soldiers takes a break on top of a pile of grenades near the river Nhat Le in the Quang Binh province. - Chu Chi Thành
Quang Phuc, 1969. The soldier Nguyen Thi Xuan, who was called one of the Northern Vietnamese army's heroines. - Chu Chi Thành

1970. North Vietnamese scouts tries to find a passage over rapids , so the logistic units could get over the river with supplies of food and ammunition. - Doàn Công

The Ho Chi Minh trail, route 9 south of Laos 1971. People assist as logistic support for the Viet Cong - Dôan Công Tinh

Quang Tri, 31th of marts 1972. The last attack before the capture of the Dau Mau base in South Vietnam. - Doàn Công Tinh

A North Vietnamese military convoy on its way south. - Doàn Công Tinh

North Vietnamese soldiers in the ruins of the Quang Tri citadel - after the carpet-bombardment of the American B-52s. - Doàn Công

1972. Jane Fonda reports about the destruction of the city Nam Dinh after American airstrikes. The American actor was heavily criticized by her countrymen for her visit to the US' former enemies - she was accused of treason and was dubbed 'Hanoi Jane'. - Chu Chi Thành

Hanoi, 1972. Jane Fonda meets POW in th Hoa Lo prison. - Chu Chi

1970. During the bombardments of the American B-52 against Quang Tria North Vietnamese helps an injured ally. - Doàn Công Tinh

The Thanh Hoa province. The Ham Rong bridge, a strategic target, bombed to bits by American B-52 bombers. - Doàn Công

1972. Guerilla soldiers search the wreckage of a combat plane they have shot down just outside Hanoi. - Doàn Công Tinh

28th of May 1968. A F-105 fighter-bomber has been shot down by North Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery in Quang Binh-provinsen. - Chu Chi Thành

28th of May. The American pilot, Roger Dean Ingvalson, being taken prisoner by the guerilla from Nhan Trach - Chu Chi Thânh

Captive American pilots play volleyball in the Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi (also called 'Hanoi Hilton'). - Doàn Công

1970. The radio unit of a North Vietnamese attack force during an offensive against the city Quang Tri. - Doàn Công

The artillery unit from Trung Giang surrounds South Vietnamese forces, who have retreated back to Con Thien. Lan (to the right) was the leader of the group. She was killed in combat in 1972. - Doàn Công Tinh

The small province Quang Tri in the central Vietnam was the historic scene between North and South Vietnam. Millions of tons of bombs, grenades and Agent Orange destroyed the region. Here soldiers and people from the guerilla defuse an American bomb. The explosives were used to make their own weapons. - Doàn Công Tinh

Vinh Linh, 1968. Gymnastics in a bomb crater. - Maï Nam

The Quang Tri province, 1973. Pylons are being repaired after the liberation of the city Dong Ha. - Chu Chi Thành

A radio operator in the North Vietnamese army on the Ho Chi Minh trail. - Hua Kiem

Route 9, south of Laos, 1971. After the South Vietnamese defeat in Ban Dong the battlefield was filled with burnt-out helicopters and vehicles. - Doàn Công Tinh

Sappers helps getting trucks free that have got stuck in bomb craters on the Ho Chi Minh trail. - Hua Kiem

North Vietnamese docters treats a injured man in an underground air-raid shelter. - Hua Kiem

1971. A officer instructs a team of drivers before a mission on the Ho Chi Minh trail. - Hua Kiem

Nord Vietnamese attack forces in action. - Hua Kiem

1966. Nguyen Thi Hien (19), leader of the militia in Yen Vuc (Ham Rong district, Thanh Hoa province). She survived more than 800 air attacks and was buried alive four times during B 52 bombardments. - Maï Nam

Vinh Linh, 1968. Water hyacinths are grown in a bomb crater. They are used as pig fodder. - Maï Nam

Vinh Linh, 1968. The entrance to an underground tunnel. - Maï Nam

9th of Marts 1973. After the signing of the peace treaty in Paris on the 27th of January 1973, the biggest prisoner exchange during the Vietnam war took place in the Spring of 1973 near the Thach Han river in the Quang Tri province. Here North Vietnamese soldiers come running towards their armed allies after they were released by the South Vietnamese. In the background the whole horizon is filled with the South Vietnamese flag. - Chu Chi Thành

1972. Members of the self defense guerilla from Duc Giang shoots at American airplanes during an air raid. - Maï Nam

Do Son, 1966. Female guerilla soldiers in the habor of Haiphong. - Maï Nam

The Ha Tinh province, 1967. Female guerilla soldiers defends the coast. - Maï Nam

1967. Young voluntaries from the Nghe An province defuse an American bomb. - Maï Nam

The Vinh Phuc province, 4th of September 1966. An American airplane was shot down by civilian defence forces. - Mai Nam

30th of April 1975. The North Vietnamese army arrives to Saigon - »and are cheered on«. Western photographers had pictures of the evacuation of thousands of South Vietnamese and Americans. Hua Kiem

1972. American air strikes against the train station in Hai Phong. - Mai Nam

30th of April 1975. North Vietnamese tanks in the president palace in Saigon. At 11.30 was theViet Congs flag hoisted over the palace, and the war was declared over. Hua Kiem

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