Friday 5 January 2018

Disturbing Things You Will Wish You Never Saw (29 Pics)

Whatever THE HELL is going on here! 
This GIF!

This loving Santa!

This bucket o’ tiny babies!

This TURTLE POWER family photo!

The second and third options of this WILD Google search!
This CrAaAAaZzzZyYyyY faceswap!

This dog wearing SOCK SHOES!

And this dog playing cosplay!

This E-Z-SAVE penny bank!


The SUPER-EXCITED face of the Dippin’ Dots kid!
This bag of CPR doll heads!

This text that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to get from your dad!
This REALLY convincing use of quotation marks!
And this one too!

This birdie having to watch its owner PHYSICALLY DECAPITATE AND COOK another bird!
This FRIENDLY sticker!!

And HUMAN-STYLE shrimp!

This guy just saying “hi” while you eat!
This man who, when asked to describe himself, could only think of the words “I’M NOT A MOLESTER!”

This “rotating lollipop”!

This 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant!

This dog who has seen things you couldn’t even IMAGINE!

This YUMMY looking beef stew!

This baby doll!

And Gary Busey!

This touching photo recreation!

This WONDERFUL demonstration of mathematics!

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