Monday 22 January 2018

After sudden rise in demand , Italy decides to import medical marijuana from Canada to help patients

Legal weed is going global. After a sudden rise in demand, the Italian government has decided to import Medical Marijuana to help their patients.
Italy legalized medical cannabis in 2007 and currently, Italian Ministry of Defence produces medical cannabis for the Italian market. A sharp rise in demand has made the government import medical marijuana.
After considering various options the government has signed the contract with  Aurora Cannabis Inc (Canada’s Second Largest Pot Maker) to import THC-laden products.
Aurora will use its German subsidiary Pedanios to export weed into Europe, before passing the product along to the Italian Ministry of Defense.
Aurora operates over 90,000 Sq ft of cannabis cultivation space across Canada and is also developing the world’s largest cannabis-specific greenhouse, coming in at a humongous 800,000 square feet.
Aurora will also partner with Danish tomato and pepper producer Alfred Pedersen & Son to produce and sell cannabis in Europe.
Corporate cannabis lawyer Ranjeev Dhillon said Canada will be a world leader in Cannabis exports in the coming years.
“I think it means that we’ll be a global player,”– he said
“This could be our opportunity to be viewed the same as we are in mining or hockey. We’ll be world class and be world leaders and I think that will stay to be the case for a very, very long time.” — he added.

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