Thursday 26 October 2023

Palestinian Terrorist Brags To Parents: ‘Your Son Killed Jews!,’ ‘I Killed 10 With My Bare Hands!’

 The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) published an intercepted phone call that a Palestinian Islamic terrorist had with his parents in Gaza after he murdered multiple Jews in the Hamas terror attacks earlier this month.

The terrorist, identified by his father Mahmoud, said that he committed the atrocity in Mefalsim, a kibbutz near the Israel-Gaza border.

“Dad, I’m speaking to you from Mefalsim, look at my WhatsApp and see how many casualties I killed with my bare hands, look how I killed them with my bare hands, your son killed Jews!” the terrorist said in a state of joy.

“I’m calling you from a mobile phone of a Jewish woman, I killed her and her husband, I killed 10 with my bare hands!” the terrorist continued. “Dad, I killed 10 with my bare hands!”

“Dad, look at the WhatsApp and see how many I killed!” he said. “Open WhatsApp and see how many I killed! I’ll call you on WhatsApp. Get up, go. Dad, I killed 10! 10! I killed 10 with my bare hands, dad! Their blood is on my hands, let me speak to mom.”

The murderer then bragged to his mother that he killed “more than ten” with his bare hands.

“May God bring you back in peace,” the mother responded. “May God protect you.”

“Mom, your son is a hero. Kill, kill, kill!” the terrorist responded as he tried to get his parents on a live video call so he could show them the massacre he committed.


“Please be proud of me, dad!” he shouted.

His parents told him that he did “enough” and encouraged him to immediately return to Gaza.

“How will I return?” he shouted. “What return? Either victory or Shahada (martyrdom). Mom gave birth to me to this religion, what’s wrong with you, Allah? Where shall I return?”

The next half a minute or so the terrorist repeatedly tried to get his parents to go on his cellphone and open his WhatsApp so they could see how many innocent Jews he brutally murdered.


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