Tuesday 10 October 2023

Dem Lawmaker Says ‘What About It’ When Confronted On Innocent Women Being Raped By Hamas

 Democratic Colorado State Rep. Tim Hernandez said “what about it” when he was confronted on innocent women being raped by Hamas while he attended a pro-Palestine rally, video footage posted to Twitter shows.

The Colorado Palestinian Coalition hosted a Palestinian Solidarity Rally over the weekend, according to the Denver Gazette.

“I think it’s despicable what they’re protesting for,” the individual behind the camera could be heard saying of the protesters. “And the fact that you can’t condemn women and children and elderly people being murdered in the streets–”

“What about it?” Hernandez said.

“Do you condemn it?” the man asked.

Hernandez then shook his head no before saying “I already said uh–”

“Why can’t you say ‘yes’?”

“Because I already gave you my answer,” Hernandez responded.

The man behind the camera argued Hernandez never gave an answer and that the people who watched this video would know.

Hernandez mocked the man, saying “all three people that are gonna watch your bullshit video?”

The video currently has more than 108,000 views on Twitter.

Republican State Rep. Lisa Frizell condemned Hernandez’ comments, saying he “voiced his approval of the slaughter of innocent people.”

“I find that to be contrary to anything that I hold dear,” she said, according to the Denver Gazette.

Hernandez later spoke out about the terrorist attacks against Israel on Monday.

“I’m against oppression. I’m against human suffering. I’m against attacking innocent people. I’m heartbroken for any loss of life at all,” Hernandez said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I listened at a rally on Saturday in solidarity with the Colorado Palestinian community, not Hamas, because Palestinian people shared in the tragic loss of life this weekend. I did not speak or attend the rally in support of Hamas or in support of the attacks on Israel that took place over the weekend.”

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