Wednesday 4 October 2023

CBS reporter notices 'striking' detail about Hunter Biden's appearance in federal court: 'Real apprehension'

 Hunter Biden appeared "nervous" in federal court on Tuesday, a stark difference from his posture months ago when he thought a federal judge would rubber-stamp his sweetheart plea deal.

Biden appeared in a Delaware federal courthouse for his arrangement on three felony gun charges. Special counsel David Weiss secured an indictment against the first son for the gun crimes last month. The indictment was particularly surprising because, just a little more than three months ago, Weiss agreed to a pretrial diversion agreement that technically would have allowed Biden to escape prosecution for the gun crimes. 

CBS News senior correspondent Catherine Herridge attended Biden's initial court appearance and reported on his demeanor afterward.

"This was an extraordinary scene that unfolded in the courthouse behind me, the son of a sitting president facing felony gun charges," Herridge reported.

"As Hunter Biden entered the courtroom on the second floor, he passed by me — I was no more than about five feet away — and there was a sense of nervous energy, a nervous smile, a sense of real apprehension as we headed into the proceeding," she explained. 

The most "striking" aspect of the court appearance, Herridge went on to say, was Biden's contrasting demeanor. 

"What's striking to me is that just two months ago, Hunter Biden entered this courthouse with the degree of optimism and a lot of confidence," Herridge said. "What we see now is that the chapter is not closing for Hunter Biden or for his family, or for his father, the president."

According to Herridge, the court proceedings lasted only about 20 minutes and lacked the fireworks that characterized Biden's July court appearance.

"The federal judge asked the president's son if he understood the charges — the potential serious penalties and that he had a right to remain silent — and to each he responded with a strong and soft voice, 'Yes, your Honor,'" Herridge explained.

However, Biden himself did not voice his "not guilty" plea. Rather, his attorney, Abbe Lowell, had that honor. The next court proceeding will take place next month.

Politico reported that Biden's defense will focus on the constitutionality of the laws that he is accused of violating. That stands in contrast to President Joe Biden's Second Amendment agenda, which centers on enacting stricter gun control laws.

The defense team will also file a motion to dismiss because they believe the pretrial diversion agreement is in effect. Weiss, however, argues that it is not because the U.S. probation officer never signed it.

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