Friday 13 October 2023

CBS ‘News’ Dragged For Downplaying Massacre Of Israeli Civilians

 CBS News took a wave of backlash on Thursday after publishing an X post that appeared to downplay the horrific terror attacks Hamas perpetrated against Israeli civilians, leaving over 1,300 dead and thousands more wounded.

The post in question referenced the incredible survival story of 10-month-old twins whose parents hid them just before the Hamas terrorists arrived at Kfar Aza kibbutz, killing the parents and numerous others — including children and babies.

But what people took issue with was not the story itself — rather, it was the use of scare quotes around the word massacre: “10-month-old Israeli twins were found hidden and unharmed at kibbutz where Hamas ‘massacred’ their parents and beheaded children.”

Critics responded by suggesting that CBS had downplayed the brutality and horror of the scene, mocking the outlet with their own scare quotes and referring to CBS News as CBS “News.”

“Putting the ‘BS’ in CBS,” Larry O’Connor observed.

CBS ‘social justice’ reporter @WritingLiYakira is the ‘journalist’ who put quotes around the word massacre as if Hamas’s attacks weren’t in fact massacres of civilians,” Nick Fondacaro added.

“Uhhhh … you can drop the quotes off ‘massacred.’ Because they were massacred,” Emily Zanotti said.

“CBS News with scare quotes around the word massacred,” Stephen Miller added.

I hate having to repost CBS ‘News’ … but I have tears and chills as I remember seeing this photo and family reported as all killed, but the parents saved their babies by hiding them … how much more parallel to the Holocaust must we get?” The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland said.

“Is it not a real massacre? Why the quotes on that word, CBS?” Jennifer Van Laar asked.

“Why is CBS putting massacred in quotations? Call it what it is,” Dawn Buckingham said. “These Hamas terrorists massacred their parents and beheaded children. Disgusting behavior by mainstream media.”

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