Wednesday, 13 September 2023

LISTEN: 911 Call Over Biden’s Energy Secretary’s Comedy Of Errors Tour

 The Department of Energy wanted to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles with a little road trip recently, and as reported, it didn’t go so well. In fact, it turned into a comedy of errors that resulted in the police being called on Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s posse.

We now have that call.

As The Daily Wire’s Daniel Chaitin reported, Granholm and her entourage used a fleet of electric vehicles to journey from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Memphis, Tennessee, with town hall events along the way. NPR’s Camila Domonoske joined the crew and released her report about the experience on Sunday.

The purpose of the trip was to “draw attention to the billions of dollars the White House is pouring into green energy and clean cars,” but Domonoske, who joined the caravan for the ride, shared how the four-day venture was not a smooth ride all the way through, Chaitin added.

During the trip, the Energy Department staff had planned to quickly charge in their “caravan of EVs — including a luxury Cadillac Lyriq, a hefty Ford F-150, and an affordable Bolt electric utility vehicle” in Grovetown, Georgia. Yet, when they got there in advance of Granholm, they realized that there weren’t enough spots to go around.

So, they used a gas-powered vehicle to hog a space. One driver who was waiting to charge her EV was so annoyed by the move, that she called the cops.

“Hi, I’m calling because I’m in the Grovetown Walmart at the charging station, and there’s literally a non-electric car that is taking up the space, they said they’re holding the space for somebody else, and it’s holding up a whole bunch of people who need to charge their cars,” the caller said, according to a 911 tape obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.


Listeners can hear the annoyance in her voice.

“There’s other people who are waiting to charge, and they’re still here, and they’re not an electric car, and the sign says you can’t park here unless you’re charging,” she added. “They said that their person is going to be here in two minutes that they’re holding the spot for.”

The purpose of this trip was effectively a photo-op to sell the benefits of electric vehicles.

It wound up exposing that the cars are a real pain in the keister — as are the “public servants” working in the Biden administration.

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