Thursday, 14 September 2023

Doctors Told Woman To Abort Her Baby So She Could Treat Her Aggressive Brain Cancer. She Said No.

 After doctors found an aggressive malignant tumor in Tasha Kann’s brain, the medical team advised the young mother to abort her unborn child and immediately start cancer treatments. Kann, leaning on her faith in God, told the doctors no.

The Michigan woman suffered a debilitating migraine while she was pregnant with her second baby back in 2022, she told Fox News. Soon after, a medical team diagnosed Kann, then 20-weeks pregnant, with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III.

“We recommend that you get an abortion,” Kann recalled doctors telling her. “They all looked at me and told me my best chances of survival would be to get an abortion and start treatment immediately — which might give me five to eight years of survival.”

But for the faithful Christian woman, abortion was not an option.

“I told them absolutely not,” Kann said, adding that she felt “disgusted” that this was something she’d be recommended to do. “If the cancer was already as bad as they said, killing my baby wouldn’t have saved me anyway.”

Kann recalled having “deep conversations with Jesus,” and said, “I knew that if I held onto the Lord and his promises, He would keep my baby safe.”

Indeed, Kann gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey in October. “Every single day, I look at my beautiful baby and think about how easy it was for them to tell me to abort — like she was nothing,” she told Fox.

Kann is still struggling with her cancer, but is continuing to fight with the support of her family.

In another instance of a mother sacrificing for her child, a woman named Ellie Whittaker was similarly advised to abort her child after doctors diagnosed her with cancer. In Whittaker’s case, she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage two.

“The doctor advised I have an abortion because cancer treatment could cause problems for the baby,” Whittaker told The Daily Mail. “There was no way I was going to give her up so I chose to delay it.”

According to LiveAction, Whittaker was possibly going to have cancer treatments at around 27 weeks, when it would be less likely to cause harm to her child. But Whittaker’s scans showed that she could push off treatment until after she gave birth.

Whittaker gave birth to a healthy baby in March of 2020, and underwent aggressive cancer treatment. After 20 rounds of Chemo, she learned she was cancer-free.

“I lived with it for so long it’s weird that it’s finally gone — I can’t believe it,” she said. “Everyone’s supported me in many ways. I had to wait two weeks for the results from my final scan which was agony. I’m so pleased it’s gone and I can focus on being a mum.”

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