Monday, 28 August 2023

Sex-trafficked teen girl kept in boys' group home to 'affirm' trans identity. Now, the mother is suing.

 The mother of a teen girl who was sex-trafficked is now suing a Virginia school district she says is responsible for her daughter's trauma. Mother Michelle Blair is also suing a public defender who she said interfered with her efforts to bring her daughter back home.

The Daily Wire reported that officials at Appomattox County Public Schools hid Sage Blair's gender transition from her parents. They also concealed the fact that Blair was being bullied at school for dressing like a boy. 

The actions taken by these officials allegedly led to Sage running away from her rural Virginia home. When she was captured by sex traffickers and taken to Maryland, she was held in a locked room and raped by multiple men, according to the lawsuit.

When the FBI found her, Baltimore public defender Aneesa Khan — a target in the lawsuit — refused to give Sage back to her parents unless they accepted her gender transition. However, Michelle did not know about the transition. Khan ultimately threw away the letters Michelle sent to her daughter and led Sage to believe that she had been abandoned by her parents. 

Sage was put in a Baltimore group home with teenage boys and "told by Khan that her parents no longer wanted her, and that Khan was going to arrange for [her] to live with a family in Maryland who would affirm her as a boy," the lawsuit states. 

Even after a judge determined that it would be illegal under the Interstate Compact on Juveniles to prevent the girl from returning to her parents, Khan kept Sage in Baltimore while she appealed.

Sage was only returned home after she ran away from the Maryland facilities and was kidnapped by a man who took her to Texas. She was allegedly raped and tortured in Texas, too, per the lawsuit.

The lawsuit mentioned that Texas did what Maryland refused to do and returned the girl home to her parents.

The Daily Wire reported that Khan went to great lengths to keep Sage from returning home. After the judge said there were no grounds to keep the girl in Baltimore, she got two counselors from the Appomattox school to accuse Michelle of child abuse in an apparent attempt to have the child legally removed from her possession.

Michelle is a certified foster home volunteer who had previously been vetted, according to the Daily Wire. As a result, Appomattox concluded that the charges were unfounded.

In January, Virginia state Republican lawmakers introduced Sage's law, which would prevent counselors from concealing a student's gender transition from her parents; prevent counselors from encouraging children to keep secrets from their parents; and ensure that laws on child abuse cannot be interpreted as including parents who don't affirm a child's gender transition.

While the Republican-led House passed the law, the Democrat-led Senate struck it down.

The lawsuit seeks “to recover damages for tortious interference with the parent-child relationship, conspiracy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, professional malpractice, and other rights under Virginia law.”

The lawsuit continued: “Deprived of her parents’ care and treatment as a result of Appomattox Defendants’ conduct, S.B. feared continuing harassment and assaults at school and threats from schoolmates to pursue S.B. and her family at home and ran away. She was found by an adult male who kidnapped S.B., drugged and violently raped her in the backseat of his car. It was this man that she lost her virginity to. He then drove her to Washington, D.C. and left her with two men who raped and drugged her again. These two men drove her to Maryland and left her with a registered sex offender. He kept S.B. in a locked room after raping her and trafficking her to other men."

Sage has since come forward and said that she was never a boy. "I don't know who I was. I'm a totally different person now. I never was a boy. Everybody was doing it, I just wanted to have friends."

There have been claims that transgender identity in young people could be a social contagion. It seems Sage's account of her experience as a transgender person supports this hypothesis.

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