Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Facebook Docs Reveal FBI Agent Made ‘Completely False’ Congressional Statements Involving Hunter Biden Laptop, Jordan Says

 An FBI agent made “completely false” statements during a congressional deposition about the agency’s role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story on social media platforms, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on Monday in his fourth edition of the “Facebook Files.”

Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, said internal Facebook communications reveal San Francisco-based FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan was “the main conduit” between the bureau’s Foreign Influence Task Force and big tech companies to suppress the scandalous story involving alleged foreign business deals with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden just weeks before the 2020 election.

Chan told lawmakers during testimony the FBI had not communicated with Facebook outside of a meeting that occurred the same day the New York Post published the Biden laptop article on October 14, 2020. But according to the Jordan, Chan was involved in a “secret ‘follow up’ call” with the social media giant the next day, allegedly contradicting a claim he made during a November 2022 deposition in the government censorship case Missouri v. Biden

The federal agent also spoke with a Facebook employee that same day, who said, “Chan advised that he was up to speed on the current state of the matter within the FBI.” Chan also told the social media platform that “there was no current evidence to suggest any foreign connection … of the leaks,” according to the documents released by Jordan.

“Of course, there was ‘no evidence’ of ‘any foreign connection.’ The laptop was real, and the FBI knew it,” Jordan said. “Is there any wonder why the Biden DOJ has so far stonewalled the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?”

Internal documents also claimed that Chan admitted that Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force Laura Dehmlow told executives to respond “no comment” when asked if the Biden laptop was real.

“Did Dehmlow know that the FBI had the laptop and it was real? Yes. Did other key members of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force know? Yes. The FBI knew the laptop was real and yet decided it would say ‘no comment,’” Jordan said.

The “Twitter Files” released by Elon Musk last year revealed that Chan frequently pressed the social media company to take down posts that he thought violated the site’s terms of service, furthering the agency’s alleged content moderation tactics for private companies, The Daily Wire previously reported.

Chan sent ten documents to former Twitter Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth on the evening of October 13, hours before the New York Post article would be released, asserting to Roth that the documents were “not spam” and asked him to “confirm receipt.”

“Is there any wonder why the Biden DOJ has so far stonewalled the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?” Jordan said. “Our investigation remains ongoing and we will continue to update the public with our findings as we prepare and consider legislation to fight the censorship-industrial complex and protect the First Amendment.”

Jordan released his third edition of the “Facebook Files,” saying the Biden administration pressured the social media giant to stifle speech the White House didn’t like, including limiting The Daily Wire’s reach on the platform and boosting the reach of legacy media outlets.

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