Thursday, 24 August 2023

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Rescuing Woman Chained To Floor Of Kentucky Home

 Police bodycam footage shows the rescue of a Kentucky woman who had been chained to the floor of an upstairs bedroom of a Louisville home.

Moises May, 36, was arrested two days after the rescue and charged with one count of kidnapping, intimidating a participant in the legal process, wanton endangerment, assault, terroristic threatening, and harassment, according to WAVE.

On August 16, the Louisville Metro Police Department was called to a home where a woman was seen screaming for help out of a second-floor window.

Neighbors had called police after the woman managed to break the window and call for help, the New York Post reported.

Police arrived and tried to gain entrance into the home but discovered that the entire first floor – doors and windows – was barricaded. Newly released bodycam footage shows police attempting to knock down doors and break windows to get inside the home, to no avail.

Police could see the woman yelling for help and got a ladder from a neighbor to reach her on the second floor.

Once inside, they find a woman crying and frantic, with a chain locked around her neck and attached to the floor.

“The woman had a chain around her neck, which was secured by a MasterLock, and that chain was bolted to the floor with screws,” the LMPD said, according to the Post. She apologizes and tells the officer that the man holding her as a prisoner had kept the key to the lock with him on his keychain. The officer then uses a hatchet to break the metal connecting the chain to the floor.

Once outside, police and firefighters begin treating the woman and remove the chain from her neck with bolt cutters.


Two days later, police arrested May. He allegedly trapped the woman after they had an argument that turned physical, during which he held her down on the bathroom floor and chopped off most of her hair with a machete. May and the unidentified victim share a child together, according to an arrest report obtained by WAVE.

After the fight, the woman left the home, but when she returned to gather her belongings, May locked all the doors with a deadbolt and trapped her inside. May allegedly forced the woman to remove her clothes and told her: “You’re gonna get it tonight. I told you the next time you leave and don’t come home, I’d kill you.”

He then allegedly took her upstairs and chained her to the floor. Eventually, he left the home and took her cell phone, but she managed to break the window and get the attention of neighbors, according to police.

May has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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