Monday, 17 July 2023

Senator Cotton: Secret Service Did Not Ask Hunter Biden About Cocaine Found In WH

 Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said during an interview over the weekend that the U.S. Secret Service does not appear to have asked President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, about the cocaine that was found in the White Houses earlier this month.

Cotton made the remarks during an interview with Shannon Bream on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” when asked about what the latest developments in the case are.

“We’ve got no answers,” Cotton said in response to the letter that he sent to the Secret Service. “That’s not surprising. The Secret Service is a troubled agency as it’s long had challenges. It probably needs new leadership.”

“I take this very seriously. I mean, what if this was anthrax?” he continued. “This is supposed to be the most secure building in the world. Yet the Secret Service closed down this investigation after just a few days. It’s my understanding, they barely conducted in any interviews. I don’t think they interviewed the president’s son, who’s a known cocaine addict.”

“This is like if Hamburglar lived in the White House, all the hamburgers disappeared, and they said they didn’t have any suspects or know one they could question,” he said. “They know who went through those doors, so they can interview them as well. If the president were really serious about it, he could demand everybody that goes through those doors, submit to a drug test. You can use hair testing samples and identify anyone who’s used cocaine in the last few months. Those are the steps you would take if you took this seriously. This just seems like another Biden cover up well.”


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