Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Knife-wielding man released without bail day after he was charged with menacing in Times Square

 A knife-wielding man who was charged with menacing in Times Square last week was released without bail a day later, the New York Post reported.

What's the background?

A photographer snapped images of the man seeming to stalk a group of musicians Wednesday, the Post said in a previous story

More from the paper:

The suspect was clutching a blade as he snuck up behind the performers at the Crossroads of the World.

At one point he put his left hand on the shoulder of a member of the unsuspecting troupe while holding the knife in his right hand.

The moment was captured by the attention of photographer Richard Moore.

"Crazy times in New York," Moore wrote. "It is hot, the looneys are out, and a musician heading to Times Square didn't know how close he was to being stabbed. Note the knife in the right hand of the man in red. He had been shouting in an area near Times Square and brandishing a knife. I took this pic and then called 911, waiting to monitor the scene. Police arrived and took him down quickly, efficiently and safely. Kudos to the NYPD officers involved!"

Police arrived 12 minutes after Moore called 911, came up behind the suspect, and took him into custody, the paper added. 

Prosecutors told the Post that during his arrest the suspect told officers, ”Get the f*** off me, they were coming after us.”

What happened next?

Prosecutors recommended the release of the suspect — 22-year-old Deqon Massiah — the Post said, adding that he was charged with menacing, harassment, and criminal possession of a weapon — none of which are bail-eligible. 

A Manhattan judge agreed to release Massiah but said the “highest level of monitoring is appropriate," the paper said, adding that the judge granted Massiah a supervised release Thursday evening.

The Post said Massiah has no criminal history in New York but is on probation for a sex offender case in Georgia.

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