Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Mass. State Police Union “Disgusted with the Violence and Unlawful Behavior” After Memorial Day Weekend Shootings and Massive Fights at Revere Beach (VIDEO)


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The Massachusetts State Police Union has expressed its deep disgust with the violence and unlawful behavior witnessed during the Memorial weekend, Boston Herald reported.

Revere Beach, a popular destination located just five miles north of Boston, had to be temporarily closed by the Mass. State Police on Sunday night following two separate shootings that left three people injured and a large fight involving minors.

“Visiting the beach with family, friends, and loved ones is a time-honored New England tradition,” the State Police Association of Massachusetts wrote on Monday following the shootings. “The Association is disgusted with the violence and unlawful behavior displayed yesterday at Revere Beach.”

“Every family within the Commonwealth deserves to be able to enjoy themselves at our parks and recreational areas without fear of violence or unlawful acts,” the union added.

According to the authorities, the first shooting took place around 7:10 p.m. on Centennial Avenue, where an unidentified individual fired into a crowd, injuring a 17-year-old girl in the lower body. The victim was immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for medical treatment.


Less than an hour later, chaos ensued near a bathhouse on Revere Beach Boulevard as a large group of minors engaged in a violent fight. Several people can be seen continually stomping on one man who is lying on the ground.

Gunshots erupted once again, this time striking a 51-year-old woman in the legs and grazing a 17-year-old boy.

The woman was also immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, while the teen declined transportation, per NBC Boston.


Law enforcement agencies have not yet made any arrests in connection with these incidents. However, state police did apprehend a minor for illegal possession of a firearm after questioning him regarding one of the shootings.

Authorities claimed the two shootings were not related.

“The Association would like to commend our members from the Division of Field Services as well as the multiple specialized Sections and Units for their professionalism, restraint, and skilled response,” the State Police union said.

“A heavy, reactionary, police intervention is not the sole answer,” the union added. “Our community and faith leaders, elected officials, families, and other stakeholders need to take a stand, say something and end this unacceptable behavior before it escalates further like we saw last summer.”

CBS Boston has more on the story, watch below:

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