Tuesday 2 May 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre Erupts When Pressed Over Claims That Biden Has Lowered Illegal Immigration By 90%

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre grew visibly irritated with Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday as Doocy sought to get clarification about an outlandish statement that Jean-Pierre made earlier this week.

Jean-Pierre had claimed on Monday that “the actions that this president has taken” have led to a 90% decrease in illegal immigration.

“You said yesterday that when it comes to illegal migration, you’ve seen it come down by more than 90%,” Doocy said, following up on her prior remarks. “Where did that number come from?”

Jean-Pierre proceeded to interrupt Doocy as he attempted to finish his question. Doocy said that federal immigration officials have indicated there have been “136,000 people more this fiscal year so far.”

“I’m about to answer you if the dramatics could come down just a little bit,” she said. “If the dramatics could come down a little bit.”

“What’s dramatic about asking a question about …” Doocy asked before Jean-Pierre again cut him off.

“Okay, I’m going to answer, so I was speaking to the parolee program, as you know, the president put in place a parolee program to deal with, to deal with certain countries on ways that we can limit illegal migration and we have seen the data has shown us that is gone down by more than 90%,” she claimed. “That was what I was speaking to.”

When Doocy attempted to get further clarification from Jean-Pierre, she immediately cut him off and began to talk over him. “No! I’m, we’re gonna go, we’re gonna move.”


“Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead,” she shouted as she called on another reporter.


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