Monday 10 April 2023

What Horrible People – SNL Makes Fun of Jesus and President Trump in Same Skit on Easter Weekend


Saturday Night Live (SNL) has really outdone itself.  Last night they put together a skit that made fun of Jesus and President Trump.  This was a new low. 

This is what the far-left lives for – to make fun of Christians and President Trump.  This turned out to be one of their worst skits of all-time.

SNL ran a segment last night where they made fun of the last supper and then brought in President Trump to their anti-Christian skit.

In the skit Jesus is at the Last Supper and then they had a skinny guy come in an interrupt the sacred event as Donald Trump.

Character Trump says some things that the far-left haters loved.  The character says,

If you haven’t put it together folks, I’m comparing myself to Jesus again.   [The left always tries to make President Trump something he’s not and he certainly never compared himself to Jesus. These people are sick.]

And what better time, on his birthday Easter. [SNL doesn’t apparently know or care about the difference between Easter and Christmas.]

Next, SNL insinuates President Trump is a racist:

We’re very similar.  We’re both very tall, very popular and both frankly white Americans.

Next, SNL accuses Trump of lies about violence.

And Because I told them exactly what Jesus would have said, get very violent and start a war.

Then they accused President Trump of being anti-gay when talking about DeSantis:

He can’t even get the gays out of Disney World.

Then SNL has their Trump character accuse Jesus of being a Nepo Baby.  SNL then accused President Trump of doing wrong with his classified records.

This was tasteless after seeing how the communist left is destroying this country.

What an awful and ignorant skit.

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