Friday 7 April 2023

“It’s a Sh*tshow!…Get Away. I Don’t Even Want to Talk to NBC. Excuse Me.” – EPIC! KARI LAKE Dunks On NBC Hack (VIDEO)


Kari Lake was at the Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night for President Trump’s address following his “sh*tshow” indictment to show her support for the President.

After Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s bogus indictment and arrest of President Trump with 34 felony counts related to so-called ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal, President Trump returned to the Mar-a-Lago for a speech with many prominent figures in attendance.


The crowd in West Palm Beach began chanting, “Kari won,” as she was interviewed by RSBN’s Brian Glenn.

Everybody in the country knows that Kari Lake’s election for Arizona Governor was rigged and stolen by Katie Hobbs!

Kari also spoke to a sorry NBC reporter who asked for her thoughts on the criminal proceedings against President Trump in New York. “It’s just a sh*tshow,” Lake told him before pointing to President Trump’s massive fundraising numbers since being indicted. Lake added, “They understand and recognize bullying when they see it.”

After telling off the reporter, Lake called his network a “Communist news network” and told him to “get away.” The exchange is hilarious.

Watch below:

Reporter: What do you make of today’s proceedings in New York?

Lake: I don’t know if I can say it. It’s just a sh*tshow.

Reporter: Are you worried at all that this could hurt President Trump in the general election?

Lake: Not at all. Are you kidding? The guy is raising millions of dollars from people who never donated one penny to politics. They understand, and they recognize bullying when they see it. A lot of these are mama bears. They’re the people who are with me, the mama bears.  And they recognize bullying; some of their kids are have been bullied. President Trump has been bullied every damn day since he dared to stand up for We The People.

Reporter: So, he’s a victim of the bullies?

Lake: He’s being bullied. And you know who the victim is? We The People, and we’re tired of it. What organization are you with?

Reporter: NBC

Lake: Oh, jeez. Are you with the Communist news network? Get away. I don’t even want to talk to NBC. Excuse me.

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